Deep Run Bass Club

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About Us

The Deep Run Bass Club is part of the Maryland Bass Nation (MBN) Southern Region.  Deep Run is based out of Ellicott City, Maryland, and fishes mostly Maryland waters (including the Potomac River, Conowingo Lake, Marshy Hope Creek-Nanicoke River, Pocomoke River, Upper Chesapeake Bay and others).  Deep Run also holds 2 tournaments a year during early spring and late fall on the warm side of Lake Anna, Va where the club rents a house on the water and eats like kings.  We are interested in getting new members to grow our membership.  Members work as a team to help each other become better bass fishermen. 

Our priorities are as follows:

-Have fun

-Learn from each other to make all members better fishermen

-Promote friendly competition


Current members are from:

Baltimore County 



Carroll County


Howard County


Ellicott City 

Anne Arundel County

Glen Burnie